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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
First of all, my ct girls have been busy today! LOL, sent this particular kit to them all yesterday I do believe so this is pretty dang fast :P Also have 2 new members, Julie n Lesia, who are tag/frame makers. So anyways..... Got this tag this morning from K'Lani, using the Winter Angel kit, as with all of these tags/frames. Love this girl thank you! You can find Lani's tut HERE
So this is from Julie. Love the frame and both the tags below girl, thanks! Thanks girlie! You can find the frame on her blog HERE
And this frame is from Lesia, and the tag below. Thanks to you too :P I love them ALL!!!! *dances around* You can find Lesia's frame and some tag extras on her blog HERE

Here is what it says, in case that's not easy to ready :S

Scrappin Krazy Wants You!!!

Scrappin Krazy Designs is looking for NEW CT Members!

Are you © compliant?
Are you a tut writer, tag maker, or frame maker?
Can you write one tut per kit?
Make 2 tags per kit?
Or make 2 frames per kit?
Each month?
If interested, send me an email to apply!


Thanks and good luck to all who email me!

Would really like to find at least one person who would be willing to make cluster frames, that you may offer freely on your blog with a link back to mine. Again just email the above to ask :D
Saturday, November 19, 2011
So, I have a new kit ready! YAY!!! A soft blue winter kit, with lots of goodies n snow n such inside. There are 54 elements and 18 papers, not all of which are shown in the above preview! Available at all my stores, and currently on sale thru the end of the year for ONE DOLLAR!!!! So go check em out! Links for stores are on the side. And here's a taggie I made with this kit, using the fabulous artwork of Barbara Jenson
Thursday, October 27, 2011
Lookie here! Me n Vicki have a new collab kit for you! Called Raven to match Carrie Hall's awesome tube HERE
You can find this kit in Vicki's store HERE and it's on sale half off!!! And below is a tag Vicki made for me with the tube and kit, thanks gf I love how this all came out :D And here's a tag I made with it too!
Thursday, October 20, 2011
Got another award this morning! Thank you so very much K'Lani, be sure to check her blog out too! K'Lani Designs http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Wsn0lGjAc0Y/Tp-ecRCkNuI/AAAAAAAAAXU/RRWKtwc2oYI/s1600/2iu29t5jpg.png I would like to pass this award on to these lovely ladies Pink Princess Scraps *for being an awesome gf and helping me so soooo much* Carrie's Concoctions *also for being a great friend* Creative By Nature *for all the laughs n Misfit fun* Tonya's Temptations *omg you should know why LMAO* and.......... Crazy Cakes Scraps *again my buddy my pal my military gf*
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
And I am super excited!!! What you ask? Well, my girl Vicki's store Pink Princess Scraps!!! Yes that's right! Her store is back and gonna be awesome! Not only is it her store, I'm going to be selling there as well. Along with Patty of Honored Scraps and Adrienne of Crazy Girl Scraps! A huge HURRAY!!! for Mz Patty for helping Vicki get the store all set back up n so on. So for the rest of this week (and maybe longer LOL) I will be getting my kits uploaded to the store. Right now I have my 4 newest kits loaded and will have the rest once I get done redoing previews and revamping the other kits. And also, just like in my other stores, I am having a sale at Pink Princess Scraps thru the end of the year for 1 dollar!!! That's right! All my products for one dollar thru the end of this year 2011! So go check it out and happy shopping! Click the blinkie below to go directly to my Pink Princess Scrap store :)
Thursday, October 13, 2011
Got a new cute kit in my stores. A kitty themed kit, with 55 elements and 18 papers, not all are shown in the preview. It's taggers sized only. Hope ya like! Also, thru the end of the year I am having a dollar sale in all my stores! Go check it out! Click the blinkies on the left :P
Sunday, September 11, 2011
I have received a new award from Sharon at Dollys Tag World! Thank you so much hun!
The point of this award is to recognize bloggers with minimal followers. Since I have accepted this award, I must pass it on to at least 3 but no more than 5, fellow bloggers who I feel deserve an award.
Here are the bloggers I have chosen:


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Any of my creations are of my own invention and imagination. Any resemblance to any other kit or commercial use item is pure coincidence :)

1. You may use my kits in tutorials, but please link to my blog for users to download from here. I would also love to know if you tut my kits so I can showcase your results! Same for if you use my templates.

2. Do not share my kits thru groups, but you may pass my blog links.

3. Do not reupload my kits, via box.net, mediafire etc.

4. If you make anything with my kits ALONE *ie no tubes etc* giving credit as follows is HIGHLY appreciated:

*Kit Name* By Scrappin Krazy Designs

That way anyone who likes it can find it if it is not part of a tutorial

5. My kits are for personal use only, period. Do not use them for monetary gain of any kind.


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